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Private Art Lessons

Learning Made Fun

Traditional classroom settings stifle innovation and creativity. We make learning fun because when children are enjoying themselves, their brains absorb more information.

Certified Instruction

Spark your child's creativity with private art lessons from a certified art instructor!

We offer lessons in drawing, painting, mixed media, and papermaking including create-your-own books and journals. No two projects are ever the same and your child's results will be something worthy of hanging in the wall or taking to school every day.

Our most popular craft project is "Create-A-Journal" where we literally build a notebook out of paper and cereal boxes! Anyone can enjoy these art classes, that stimulate healthy brain activity, and that teach valuable skills for making something useful out of scraps that seem useless.

In-Home Option

You don't have to load up the car — we'll meet you where you are! Lessons are not limited to a particular space so let's meet at your house, go to the park, or learn over dessert at Chick-fil-A. Our mobility enables you to make studio time most effective for you and your child. Bring private lessons to your doorstep!

Typically, individual lessons last 1-2 hours and are scheduled once a week. We can customize a schedule that fits your lifestyle though, so don't hesitate to ask! Pricing and payment plans are also flexible according to your needs!

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Flexible Scheduling

We get it - you're busy. That's why instead of filling pre-defined slots, your class schedule is completely customized to accommodate your calendar.

1st Class Free

If you've never taken an art class with us, we'd like to invite you to try us for free! Just mention when you call or email that you saw this offer and we'll show you why our art lessons are worth the investment!

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Adult Classes

We haven't overlooked you! If you're not a kid but you want to enhance your creative skills, we will be glad to teach you some tricks! Just contact us and tell us about what you want to learn!

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Great for Homeschoolers

We love to meet parents and to meet needs. If you're a homeschooling mom or dad, we would be thrilled to partner with your existing curriculum and develop an art lesson plan for your child.

Custom Projects

Lessons can be broad, covering many different types of art-making, or they can focus specifically on one type — it's up to you and your child! We get excited to create opportunities for children to be challenged and engaged in the art making process.

We'll build on similar concepts learned in the classroom; students are encouraged not to simply follow step-by-step instructions but to envision a goal and consider how each stroke or dab of glue impacts their personal work of art.

Some lessons will entail the creation of an art piece from start to finish while others may create a masterpiece over the course of several classes.

Lessons On-the-Go

You don't have to load up the car — we'll meet you where you are! Lessons are not limited to a particular space; we are happy to hold lessons at your house or at the park, at Chick-fil-A or Jittery Joe's - wherever is most convenient!

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