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Back to the blog | Published 30 July 2018

I’m fortunate to have parents who embody the phrase “do it yourself”. My parents built the house I grew up in.

Seriously. About 90% of the house I grew up in was built by my parents and grandparents. That other 10% exists because apparently you have to have a special license to lay down a foundation.

Being raised in a DIY home, there was always a project in-progress, which meant a space to create and make messes. We had a room where half-sewn dresses, paintings, and small constructions lived. When guests arrived, my mom would slyly shut the door as if the room never existed.

I’ve realized recently that my childhood experience is not the norm. Having a space for children to make messes and leave them is a luxury.

Families work hard to make home a pleasant and happy place. To allow mess and invite chaos is to sacrifice a tidy home (and sanity).

That’s why I am SO EXCITED to offer Brella’s Mobile Art Studio to families. With a water hose and a driveway, the mess is contained in the mobile art studio. At the end of an art lesson, I take the mess with me, and the dining room is preserved.

Sign up for the Art Mobile here, and create space for mess-making in your own home!

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