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Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

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Tinker Thinker Art Camp (SOLD OUT)

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Imagine if... the sky was green! What if I could have my own robot? What happens when I mix paint with baking soda and vinegar? These are the questions we'll ask, and more, at Art Camp! We'll paint imaginary cities, create our own thinking caps, and explore a few different materials to see what kind of art we can make! The featured project for this camp is (shh!!!!) a thinking tent! Perfect for the creative inventor who needs some space to think!

These The camp will run from 9AM to 2PM, with the option to stay longer if needed.

This Deluxe Art Camp is $250. Will there be a tshirt? Yes. Will there be a water day? You bet.

Artists ages 4 to 8 are invited to join us for this ocean adventure! Artists ages 9-10 are invited to join as Junior Studio Assistants at a discounted rate! Is there a sibling not quite 4 who wants to tag along? Contact Ms. Alyssa for more info!

Tiny Studio   2021 Jun. 28–Jul. 2

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Summer Camp is designed for the friends who've already connected with 'Brella Studio (and Ms. Alyssa). This allows for the artists to be familiar with the environment and expectations - let's schedule a meetup!

Society members get a special bonus at every event.

This event's perk is:

Society Members with a Summer subscription receive %10 off of their Camp tuition!

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