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Beautiful Messes Camp

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The Essentials

This favorite is BACK! This is the week we pull out all the stops, make all the messes, and embrace the beautiful chaos of creativity. This camp is great for the friends who need another week of fun before school starts.

The camp will run from 9AM to 2PM, with the option to stay longer if needed.

This Deluxe Summer Camp is $295. Will there be a custom t-shirt? You know it. Will there be some back-to-school swag? Definitely.

This camp is for artists ages 4-8. Is there a sibling not quite 4 or older than 8 who wants to tag along? Contact Ms. Alyssa for more info!

Oh no! We're sold out!

and we'll notify you if a spot becomes available.

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Full Details

Summer Camp is designed for the friends who've already connected with 'Brella Studio (and Ms. Alyssa). This allows for the artists to be familiar with the environment and expectations - let's schedule a meetup!

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