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Tinker Thinker Mini Camp

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Let's experiment!

Using recycled materials, sketchbooks, and a LOT of imagination, we'll design one-of-a-kind creations that no one has ever seen!

We'll construct, create, and celebrate our ideas, all the while exploring some of history's Tinker Thinkers.

Will there be a custom t-shirt? Always. Will you need to wear sunglasses because the ideas are so BRIGHT? Maybe. ;)

This camp is for artists ages 4-8. Is there a sibling not quite 4 or older than 8 who wants to tag along? Contact Ms. Alyssa for more info!

2361 W. Broad St., Athens, GA 30606   2022 Jul. 5–Jul. 8

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Summer Camp is designed for the friends who've already connected with 'Brella Studio (and Ms. Alyssa). This allows for the artists to be familiar with the environment and expectations - let's schedule a meetup!

Society members get a special bonus at every event.

This event's perk is:

Society Members attend camp at a 10% discount!

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