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Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

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Tinker Thinker Mini Camp

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The Essentials

Let's experiment!

Using recycled materials, sketchbooks, and a LOT of imagination, we'll design one-of-a-kind creations that no one has ever seen!

We'll construct, create, and celebrate our ideas, all the while exploring some of history's Tinker Thinkers.

Will there be a custom t-shirt? Always. Will you need to wear sunglasses because the ideas are so BRIGHT? Maybe. ;)

This camp is for artists ages 4-8. Is there a sibling not quite 4 or older than 8 who wants to tag along? Contact Ms. Alyssa for more info!

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Full Details

Summer Camp is designed for the friends who've already connected with 'Brella Studio (and Ms. Alyssa). This allows for the artists to be familiar with the environment and expectations - let's schedule a meetup!

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For Tinker Thinker Mini Camp

'Brella Summer Camps are designed for friends who have previously interacted with 'Brella Studio at another event - like an art truck birthday or in-studio class - or by personal referral. This helps ensure artists are familiar with our environment and people since we'll be spending a lot of time together at camp!

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