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About Brella

About the 'Brella

'brella Studio began for me like so many great ideas - desperation intersecting with a mistake. I have a difficult time making decisions, and choosing my favorite thing to do is a daily struggle. I love working with children and having creative "jam sessions". I adore the wonderful artwork made by children. I also love making art on my own. I also love cupcakes. And colors. And paint.

When asked if I could brave the small-business world, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue. I was told I couldn't do it all, and I responded with sarcasm. "I could do it all...if I had some umbrella company to work under..."

Ironically, the name stuck. I soon realized that umbrellas visually represent a character that embodies the same goals and passions of my studio...

Enter Mary Poppins.

She is the unconventional epitome of creativity and ingenuity. She uses seemingly nonsensical methods to teach unruly children lessons of appreciation, humility, and kindness. She begins her work with a flourish and remains until the job is done. With a practically perfect example to follow, this is guaranteed to be fun!

The Lady with the 'Brella

"I discovered art at eight years old growing up in Eastman, Georgia. Upon my arrival at Walt Disney World for a family vacation, I promptly decided that I wanted to be an artist. I made plans early on to become an Imagineer and spend my days designing, planning, creating, and playing.

God, however, had different plans for my life.

I moved to Athens, Georgia and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at The University of Georgia. I married my worst-enemy-turned-best-friend (more on that later). I couldn't get the dream job. I failed more than I'd like to admit. I got up, dusted myself off, and tried again.

Now, I spend my days making and teaching art, planning children's events, and serving the needs around me.

When I'm not being a professional scribbler, you'll find me quoting Disney films, training to become a Jedi knight, or tap dancing in grocery store aisles. In a sense, I'm fulfilling all the duties of an Imagineer but without the dreadful humidity that is the Floridian climate. I consider my circumstances to exemplify God's sense of humor and I'm constantly keeping watch for His subtle wonders in everyday life.

Alyssa LJ Fowler, Creative Director