Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

What To Expect at an Art Truck Party

Party Schedule

A typical 1-hour art truck party usually follows the general format seen below. Note that this is not a strict itinerary, but in our experience this is a pretty consistent flow.


What will my party cost?

When do you need an exact head count?

What if my party runs long?

What project will we be doing?

We don't typically collaborate on the project with the party host in an effort to take decisions off your plate and let you focus on other party logistics. We design each project for the event theme or preference as given on the original booking form. We usually plan the project a week in advance and can provide a preview upon request, but there's nothing you need to do after your booking is confirmed - we have everything we need!

Other Notes & Disclaimers

Billing: Quote & Deposit

Billing: Final Invoice

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