Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

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About Art Classes

During fall and spring semesters we offer a variety of fun and educational art classes for our little artists who are not otherwise attending preschool.

Our goal this semester is to make learning fun in a safe space where messes are not only allowed, but encouraged!

Each day of the week offers a unique class opportunity and each class varies in theme and duration. Peruse them all to find a class that fits your family's style and schedule!

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Art Classes

Mess-Free Mommy

August 29 – October 17

Make a mess together in a safe space - away from your freshly painted walls and new furniture!

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Make Move Music

August 30 – October 18

Sing, dance, and make art! We'll explore instruments and create artwork to match the music.

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Play School

August 31 – October 19

Develop social skills with child-led exploration of materials. Expect lots of art and beautiful messes!

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Read Make Play

September 1 – October 20

Dive into a really good book each week and create artwork inspired by our reading with some theatrical elements.

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Story Yoga

September 2 – October 21

Develop movement skills inspired by a different story that we'll read each week.

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