Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

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Event Details

Private Event (most common)

Overview: With a guest list that is reasonably well defined, artists are guided through a pre-planned art project aboard the art truck. Host covers the fee so guests enjoy the art truck for free.

Typical size: 2-35 artists

Common examples: birthday parties, church groups, summer camps, homeschool co-ops

Community Event

Overview: The art truck provides on-demand art projects to attendees, usually while other activities run concurrently. Host covers the fee so event attendees can enjoy the art truck for free.

Typical size: 20-500 attendees

Common examples: church events, company picnics, sponsored tailgates


Overview: The art truck offers pay-per-project activities for event attendees.

Typical size: 200-10,000 attendees

Common examples: holiday markets, fall festivals, Athfest

Potential Conflict!
There is another event booked on this day so there may be a conflict with your event depending on the timing. Go ahead and submit your request but let us know in your comments if you have any wiggle room so we can discuss alternatives as needed.

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10 artists • 1 project • 1 hour(s) • 0 miles Total cost: $215.00