Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

Brella Studio Art Club for Kids in Athens

Now Hiring: Art Studio Assistant

A studio assistant is our primary helper during an event. The assistant has charisma and a childlike sense of humor, understanding what's appropriate or not to say to friends and parents at an event.

Artistic ability is NOT required for a studio assistant. It is more important to be a people person and enjoy being around children. Our parties are super fun because the kids love to get messy making art and families get to enjoy watching the process without worrying about cleanup or safety or responsibility.

Roles & Responsibilities

An assistant's primary role is to:

The studio assistant will work in tandem with the project instructor who is responsible for the planning and instruction of art project as well as leading activities. The assistant will follow their lead but also should be willing to jump in as needed to help and make sure everyone is having a great time!

There will be opportunities to help with events at the studio AND to travel with the art truck for on-site birthday parties around Athens and Monroe, and other events like the Oconee Fall Festival, the Monroe Fall Fest, Athensfest, holiday markets, craft fairs, and all sorts of things.

Outstanding studio assistants will be given opportunities to lead parties but this will be an optional invitation - we understand not everyone wants to be in charge!

It's also not required to be an extrovert - there are kids at every party who prefer to work quietly while chaos ensues all around them. Sometimes an entire group is perfectly content to work in silence. Any personality is a match for the families we serve!

How To Apply

If you're interested in joining our team, please send an email to with the following information: